niedziela, 2 października 2011

Investment process monitoring

Maintaining database, visualising and publishing public investment information, publishing through previously programmed interface.

Process of extending and modernising street network requires more than planning and funding. All the action behind the scene makes many people busy preparing bids, writing agreements with administrators of different utilities, overseeing design teams, bookkeeping and many more.
Massive ammount of spatio-temporal information are too overwhelming to report, present and analyse in a typical tabular form with pie- and line-charts. I have developed and keep running a platform publishing information about advancements of investment process. User-facing interface is a map with data generated by a GIS, which is coupled with a timesheet in a project management software.
Taking this approach made the process clearer to stakeholders and the public. Single view exposing many dimensions of a complex dataset made it easier to track and manage development.

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